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Installing Velux windows can transform your room by allowing plenty of natural light to enter.

Velux Windows

The ‘VE’ of Velux stands for ventilation and ‘LUX’ is the Latin meaning for light. These windows improve the circulation of air in your property whilst allowing an abundance of natural light to enter.   

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Why Velux?

Natural Light

A Velux window can transform your dark rooms by letting in an abundance of natural light. 

Visual Appeal

Velux windows look attractive from the outside of your home, whilst enhancing the atmosphere of the room on the inside. 


Improved ventilation and therefore air flow are major benefits of these windows. This can help issues such as damp and condensation.

Quality Guaranteed

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Add Value

These windows create an attractive addition to any home, whilst saving you money on electricity bills. These attributes are a great draw for potential house buyers. 

Designs to Suit You

This is a made to order, bespoke product, unique to your homes style.

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