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Sash and case are one of the most recognisable window styles in the UK.

Sash & Case Windows

Sash and Case are vertically sliding windows made up of two framed window sashes. One sash sits in front of the other, which allows them to slide vertically in their frames. 

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Why Sash & Case?


 Sash & Case windows offer a charming and elegant look for your home.

Conservation Areas

If you’re living in a conservation area or a listed building restoration, timber Sash & Case windows are a necessity. 

Energy Efficiency

Both uPVC and timber Sash & Case windows provide you with excellent thermal efficiency. These windows will keep the cold out in the winter months. 

Quality Guaranteed

10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


These windows allow you the freedom of opening them from the top down or the bottom up. Natural ventilation occurs as warm air rises to escape through the top section and cool air enters through the bottom.

Designs to Suit You

This is a made to order, bespoke product, unique to your homes style.

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